respect word write on paperDo your company’s employees feel respected? Studies show many American workers in a variety of industries nationwide don’t feel that way. The ‘R’ word — and a lack of it — continues to be one of the top sources of worker discontent.

And that’s a real problem, because employees who feel that they are respected by their company’s leadership are much more likely to be engaged, productive and loyal. It’s critical for companies to bridge the gap in respect between senior management and front line employees. That’s why it’s an important part of my work.

One study shows that people who feel they are respected by their organization’s leaders are more innovative and deliver a much higher level of effort than workers who don’t feel they are getting enough respect. On the flip side, Georgetown University professor Christine Porath found in her research that a lack of respect prompted many workers to intentionally decrease their work effort and/or produce lower quality work. This happened at all levels of the organization.

How do you create a culture of respect within your business? One way is to become a better listener. Make sure your employees know they can be open with you and your company’s leadership and that someone wants to listen to their concerns. Make sure your company’s leadership is soliciting ideas and input from all levels of the organization. And when an employee provides feedback, that there is follow up if needed. Showing people that their input and ideas are valued is an important step in building respect. It’s also important to express appreciation for employee efforts within a larger group and individually. Try also to let employees know how their efforts tie in to the company’s goals, growth and successes.

Respect is a wonderful thing; if your employees feel you truly respect them, their respect for you and your company will grow. And when respect is a two-way street, organizations can accomplish great things.

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