Why the silence???

I can explain my recent absence, and I appreciate the understanding.

First, some background…

As most of my followers know, I am entrenched in a self-development quest: Mind, Body, and Spirit. I am driving to fully understand each of these components and how to develop them in order to reach my full potential. I feel that I owe it to my wife, and I also owe it to my daughter. More importantly, I owe it to God, who has blessed me in ways I continually take for granted. My “Rich in Thought” blog series has largely reflected this research.

Mental Development

I shared much on mental resilience, intelligence, attitudes, and mindsets. Ultimately, we were able to create a roadmap to a Growth Mindset. If you missed any of it, I highly recommend revisiting some of the first blogs.

Physical Development

We quickly progressed into physical development efforts and research. The blogs I wrote only scratch the surface of the complex anatomical and physiological benefits of nutrition and sleep. Due to a recent move my family just completed, we came to a pause just before covering the benefits of exercise.

While, I plan to pick up where we left off, I want to share not only my own research, but the steps I am taking to apply this information in my own life.

As for the silence…

Just last week, we moved from Tennessee to Colorado. Why? There are ample reasons, but I have a few specific to myself. Realizing I had some professional gaps that I needed to fill, along with some personal challenges that would otherwise haunt me, I took a step that most might call crazy. It did seem crazy, but it seemed even crazier not to do it given the ingenious timing of a more than coincidental invitation I received.

It reminded me of George Washington, an avowed Christian and most respected General in our country’s history, and how he continually eluded to the “Providential Hand of God” both in his public and private correspondence. I, too, can scarcely describe my life’s opportunities without borrowing from his lexicon. And, here again, it has been the evident and supernatural Hand of God that has opened doors and guided us back to Colorado.

Crazy…or is it?

So, once again, I am enrolled in graduate school at the University of Colorado, this time to complete a dual master’s degree. Adding to my previous Engineering Management Master’s class of 2017, I will be pursuing masters’ in Business (MBA) and STEM, class of 2022.

But with opportunities come challenges. My development has been nothing easy, and the challenges have been more than coincidental. One could say that many of these challenges have been supernatural. I know God’s Hand is on me and my family, and He plans to bless us if we are faithful to Him. But words cannot describe the obstacles we have faced thus far. For this reason, I lean on Scripture.

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” -Romans 8:26-27

We are confident God calls us to press on and let his Spirit handle it for us, remaining ever mindful of his blessings on our life, and his fervent love for us.

What are my immediate development goals?

As you can imagine, my mental development goals involve academics along with completing this blog series which I hope to compile and eventually publish. As for my physical goals, I am training to complete a marathon the same year I complete my degrees. And one of our spiritual goals is to complete a family trip to the Holy Land and retrace the steps of the One who continues to show us undeserved grace and mercy.

Please continue to support!

I hope and trust that you will continue to follow and support these efforts. But I also hope you guys will allow me to support your own as well. My goal in sharing this is that we can support one another, challenge one another, and let go of our excuses. If you are onboard, please leave your support in the comments below.


  • Nancy says:

    I am climbing aboard as something compels me to do so. Thank you for the invite.

  • Paul Hoch says:

    I’m glad you came back to Colorado. I missed you and Liz., and I’m so happy you have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl! I think God has put me into the equation some how? I needed a friend and a workout partner, and there you were? Besides playing basketball. Golf, hiking, and biking; I look forward to our daily conversations about life.

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