If you have spent enough time with me, you are already aware of my heart for entrepreneurship and drive for improvement. These interests motivate the work I do as a consultant which includes process redesign, capacity modeling, portfolio rationalization, organizational redesign and other quality and continuous improvement initiatives. I am also intrigued by new ventures and unaddressed pain points. If you don’t know what most of this is, it’s ok! I don’t plan to blog on it anytime soon. My point is that my desire for continuous improvement starts within me. It sustains my thirst for self-improvement in areas like optimizing my learning, bettering my relationships, and building my faith.

On Writing

Like anyone else, though, there are improvements that I have neglected for years. Writing is one of those. I have learned that I can only get physically stronger by employing a strength conditioning program. In the same way, I can only improve my writing skills by ticking away at this keyboard. I expect writing will range from boring to intellectually grueling. The same can be said in a physical sense about a workout.

What to expect

It is impossible to predict the subjects of future blogs, and I have plenty of material to write! I am talking to some incredible people doing incredible things to improve their environments. I think that will be a good place to start. We might also compare history with current events, conduct comparative or trend analyses, or perhaps examine workplace cultures, society, and generational differences.

Discovering a message

Given the supportive comments on the few articles I’ve written thus far; I look forward to the challenge. I also want to encourage those who need to find their voice to simply begin. I am no expert (which is why I am writing this), but I have uncovered a few revelations through writing. Whether writing a song, a journal or an editorial, I find writing, editing, and finalizing is often a surprising way to find a message deeply buried in a fog of procrastination. I hope you’ll join me in discovering those messages. I also encourage my readers to share their own message with me.

Now, for the big question

Who’s in?! Through this process, my goal is growth. Plain and simple. I want to grow strategically–mind, body, and spirit. I welcome everyone to join me. I also want to support others, so please tell me how I can help.

In the next blog, I’ll share the promise I am dearly holding on to. You don’t want to miss it!

And the challenge

If this is relevant in your life, it will probably be relevant in someone else’s life. So, don’t prevent others from benefiting from this blog. LIKE it and SHARE it with your co-workers, family, and friends. Post it on your Facebook or LinkedIn. Do it now and be a change agent!

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