Inspirational quote on a money background. Thoughts Become Things.We have many different sayings and beliefs here at Rich in Thought. Call them simple, yet powerful truths of life. And we want to expound on one of them today. Here it is:

“We can change who we are and where we are by simply changing what we allow into our minds.”

You’ve heard “you are what you eat,” but have you heard “you are what you think”? This mindset transcends leadership. It’s a human perspective. You read these words and accept them without objection, but how do you convert them into action? Through persistence.

Who you are — what kind of leader you are — is defined by your patterns of thoughts and actions. But it all starts with your thoughts. Your mind is a very powerful thing, and you know this because of what you’ve been able to accomplish in your life. And it’s this success in life, as leaders, managers, and executives, that can actually lead to complacency. Don’t assume because you’ve accomplished so much in the business world that you’re done growing in your personal world.

Many people assume that because thoughts fly in and out of our brains all day long, they can’t control them. Yet, the simplest truth of all is that you are in control of your thoughts and you become what you think about. And that little nugget of truth lies in the not-so-secret power of your mind. It sounds simplistic, but true simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You can create even more success and contentment in life simply by thinking the right thoughts.

We are creatures of habit. For better or worse, we have a tendency to follow the picture in our mind created by our environment, whether it be parents, school, or the town we grew up in. But we don’t have to. We each have a mind if our own, capable of imagining and manifesting life the way we want it, whether we’ve already achieved great success or not.

Here is a simple pathway to envisioning and then creating what you want out of life. First, start imagining what you want the way you want it. Then, create a picture in your mind and think about that picture consistently, day-in and day-out. Truly believe in it. And don’t tell anyone. Have your own quiet confidence that you can make that picture come true. Without even realizing it your subconscious mind will begin making choices that lead you to the picture you imagine. As long as you keep the picture front of mind — whether consciously or unconsciously — you’ll move towards it.

Of course, you will encounter obstacles, but don’t let them stop you. The key is to hold that picture steady in your mind, without wavering. What have you got to lose? You’ve accomplished so much this far in life, why not take it further? Close your eyes and build that picture. You will become what you think about.

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