Welcome to Rich in Thought, a thought-provoking blog that inspires personal and strategic growth. But this is more than just a blog. This is a robust media platform featuring the latest news articles in entrepreneurship, markets, retail, social media and more! You will find a host of information that will both uplift and motivate you to think deeper, perform better, and dream bigger. So, if you need hope, want courage, or wish to find your entrepreneurial spirit, you’re in the right place! Here is what you can expect…

4 Blogs in 4 Days!

I will be releasing the first four blogs in the next four consecutive days (Monday-Thursday) to get us started. Thereafter, I will release a new blog each Monday and Thursday. Don’t forget, I will have contributing guests! In addition to Monday and Thursday blogs, I’ll have other material and featured entrepreneurs visiting and sharing their experience. You won’t want to miss them, so make this website part of your early morning routine! Speaking of early morning routine…

How rich is your life?

Here at Rich in Thought, I, personally, want to challenge you to start your day 15 minutes earlier, and start on a positive note. I trust the thoughts you find here will make your life just a little more RICH! ???? Get it? I’m Rich…rich life…What can I say? I’m a dad, and you just witnessed a dad-joke. Moving on…

How can you participate and encourage others to add value?

  1. PARTICIPATE – It’s just more fun that way! Be the first to comment, and get involved in discussions…
  2. SHARE – Why wouldn’t you? If you think this material could help someone, don’t be a gatekeeper. Be a change agent!
  3. RESPECT – Hey, we’re all learning here, so encourage, support, and uplift. If you have feedback, let’s keep it constructive and delivered with a class and humility
  4. NO SOLICITING – In order to maintain our focus on the material covered on this site, we ask that you respect our no soliciting policy

Check out our Featured Entrepreneur!

That’s right! We’re starting strong with a very special singer/songwriter here in Nashville, but coming all the way from Zurich! You’ll want to check her out for sure.

Interested in being a contributing blogger?

If you are interested, please visit the Submit Your Own Blog page and include a note with a little about yourself. I’d love to hear from you! Oh, yeah…and don’t forget to follow me on all the social media platforms! Rich stuff coming your way! (HA! I can’t stop…that’s rich…OK, I really need to go.)

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