Internet communication concept. Man posting messages on social mYour brand’s persona can be one of your most significant marketing assets. Leveraging this concept across your forward-facing customer channels can boost your threshold for revenue with minimal effort and resources.

How, then, is this concept harnessed?

Below, we’ll show you exactly how to build your business’s persona and amplify your brand awareness over every asset you own – whether you’re on day one of your journey or day 1,001.

What is a business brand persona?

Before we understand how to build out a brand persona for a business, it’s important to understand what it is in a more tangible sense. Your persona is a living, dynamic force in your industry that’s comprised of many things, including:

  • Overarching company goals
  • Customer relations and tone
  • Value propositions and inherent value

All these distinct elements come together every time your brand interacts with customers in any way, shape, or form. Understanding this can help build your “persona” or public perception more effectively using public-facing channels and initiatives.

How can I make my brand persona?

Here are just a few of the ways you can begin creating your brand’s persona:

1. Understand who you’re working with

You can’t tailor your messaging and outreach if you haven’t done your client research. As you do this, I want to encourage you to dig deeper than silly nicknames and basic demographic info. While profiling your clients in this way can be helpful, you ultimately want to touch on their desires, expectations and needs – using each one of these concepts and overdelivering in any way. Doing this establishes your brand as the “top” option in your area of genius. It only requires the initial legwork to optimize your processes for your ideal client profiles – or iCPs.

2. Be consistent in your creation

The creation of assets can be time-consuming. However, consistency is critical to establishing your brand’s nature and “personality”. To complete this step more effectively, you may consider outsourcing content creation and optimization to a skilled marketer.

3. Nail your presentation…over and over again

No interaction is too small as you focus on building your brand persona. Presentation is key. Finding new ways to seek out your clients on social media, interact with them and give voice to your brand as you continue to personify and diversity your approach can help you to build your persona more effectively.

Connect with a consultant to scale your business quickly

Stuck or not sure what the next right step is in developing your brand’s persona? You may benefit from the help and support of a consultant or marketer. Connect with the team at Rich in Thought today to learn more about the next step in growing and scaling your business.

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