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Organizational Health Assessment

How do we measure Organizational Health?

The following six categories assess organization health and resilience through distinguishable dimension measurements.
Dimension 1

The first dimension of high performance is personal. That's YOU! This dimension includes an awareness of your strengths and purpose, time management, personal development, and work/life balance.

Dimension 2

The second dimension of high performance is relationships. This dimension includes serving one another, communication, and trust.

Dimension 3

The third dimension of high performance is management. This dimension includes clear expectations, performance feedback, adequate resources, and the manager relationship.

Dimension 4
Systems and Processes

The fourth dimension of high performance is systems and processes. This dimension includes all of the systems and processes that produce quality and results.

Dimension 5

The fifth dimension of high performance is leadership. This dimension includes planning, performance, leadership development, and organizational culture.

Dimension 6

The sixth dimension of high performance is in the marketplace. This dimension includes reputation, marketplace intelligence, and the value you provide to customers, communities, and the world.

Progress Bar


I have a clear understanding of my life purpose and priorities.
Progress Bar


I understand and appreciate my unique strengths and abilities.
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At work, I get to use my unique strengths and abilities every day.
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At work, I spend an appropriate amount of time on what is most important.
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I produce desirable results while maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual vitality.
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I enjoy a healthy work/life balance.
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While accomplishing my desired results, I serve the needs of others.
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I consistently seek to understand others' viewpoints without interrupting.
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I express my opinions and feelings with courage and considerations.
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My ideas and suggestions are valued by others.
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When the members of my team have an issue with someone, we confront them directly about it. We don't avoid the issues or talk to others about it.
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My work relationships are characterized by unity, harmony, and trust.
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I am privileged to work with a good friend.
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My coworkers produce high-quality work.
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I have a good friendship with my manager. He/she cares about me as a person.
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I understand what is expected of me at work.
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I receive timely feedback on my performance. I know how well I'm doing on my job.
Progress Bar


I always have the resources to do my work efficiently.
Progress Bar


We consistently achieve our results on time.
Progress Bar


My team has a good relationship with other teams in the company.
Progress Bar


I have received praise for doing good work in the last week.
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We have a clear understanding of our performance benchmarks and how our financial, operational, and cultural performance compares to others in the industry.
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We hold people accountable for their performance. We give people a chance, but people who don't produce don't stay very long.
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Systems and Processes1/9

We have effective and efficient systems for hiring, orienting, training, and developing people.
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Systems and Processes2/9

We have effective methods/systems for communication.
Progress Bar

Systems and Processes3/9

Work processes in my area are efficient and effective. We almost never do rework nor do we waste time, money, or resources.
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Systems and Processes4/9

We almost never use overtime to meet our deadlines.
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Systems and Processes5/9

We are good at finding, serving, and keeping customers.
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Systems and Processes6/9

We have effective systems for storing and finding information.
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Systems and Processes7/9

We have good measurement systems. It's easy to tell how we're doing in relation to our objectives.
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Systems and Processes8/9

We do a good job of planning and prevention. This minimizes crises and fire-fighting.
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Systems and Processes9/9

We are a learning organization. We champion a culture of continuous improvement.
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Our organization has a clear and compelling Vision, Mission, and Values.
Progress Bar


We have well-defined strategies. We know how we're going to achieve our Vision.
Progress Bar


We enjoy a high-trust/high-reliability culture.
Progress Bar


As an organization, we accomplish what we set out to do.
Progress Bar


When things change, we adjust quickly and easily.
Progress Bar


Our organization develops effective leaders.
Progress Bar


Our organization has a strong reputation in the marketplace.
Progress Bar


Our organization gives back to our community and strengthens employee families.
Progress Bar


We understand the current and future needs of our clientele.
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We understand the trends in our industry.
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Our organization's Vision, Mission, and Values are clearly communicated and widely understood by our stakeholders.
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Our organization makes a significant, positive impact.
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