In the last blog, “Want to Grow Strategically,” we defined strategic growth as it pertains to human development and relationships. It set the stage for this “Self Development” blog series. We discussed the three human components that need to be challenged to unlock true human potential. I’m not interested in only growing mentally, or physically, or even spiritually, but comprehensively in all three areas! In this blog, we’ll talk more specifically about one of the three components, the mind.

Attitudes are no accident

Attitudes are derived from an accumulation of thoughts. Our minds process the things to which they are exposed. Therefore, influences are incredibly important.

If we were to see a digital breakdown of our time spent on social media, would we be surprised? How many times do we pick up our phone skim Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube? Hey, me too!

An eMarketer study found that users average 1 hour and 15 minutes daily on social media. But, it’s not really about the quantity as much as it is the quality of time. Does the quality of your time on social media make you a better husband, wife, son, daughter, employee, etc.?

What if that quality time were compared to our reading and self-education? Do you read something edifying or educational for at least 1 hour and 15 minutes daily? I try to, but it’s not easy. I must carve out the time. Once my day gets started, I have too much on my mind to focus on a book, so I must read in the mornings. I love sleep. So, if I’m carving into my sleep, it’s important to me!

Leaders don’t rise to the pinnacle of success without developing the right set of attitudes and habits; they make every day a masterpiece. –John Maxwell

Mind sync

I have 4 things that help me start the day—coffee, a protein bar, a book, and more coffee. This isn’t just any book. This is a book that engages my mind and my spirit in a positive way. The books vary as I complete them, but they serve a distinct purpose. They encourage me to seek the mind of God. In the same way that I sync my Google Drive to my desktop, I want to sync my mind with God’s mind, daily. Sound crazy? Here’s why I believe I can do this…

The Bible says that we are created in the image of God, meaning God used Himself as a mold when we were created! The human body’s profound engineering continually puzzles and amazes scientists, engineers, psychologists, and everyone else who studies it. It is like an endless wonderland of perfect complexity. No one can replicate it.

When studying the human body, it becomes apparent that it was the result of an exceptionally intelligent and creative Mind. It is no wonder David, the psalmist, praised God for being fearfully and wonderfully made! –Ps. 139:14

What does that have to do with syncing our minds? Well, if I am made in the image of God, my Creator, and he wishes to have a relationship with me; it stands to reason, His proprietary creation is capable of syncing with Himself.

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me. –Prov 8:17

Choosing an attitude

As we stated earlier, attitudes are developed from a collection of thoughts, which influence emotions. As emotions begin to develop, they provoke the repetition of these thoughts. This repetition draws our focus and begins to develop a mindset that favors these thoughts. In other words, it’s a cyclical pattern that can develop momentum.

The point here is that our thoughts are highly capable of influencing our attitude, and subsequently, our actions. If we let our thoughts wander to the whims of social media, tv, news, and opinions, our attitudes will be subject to the agenda of others. The good news is that we can alter our attitude by altering our exposure.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. –Jim Rohn


Today, we talked about influencing the mind in a positive way. We choose our attitudes by influencing our thoughts and choosing our exposures. What influences your thoughts each morning? Do you let random media influence your mind or do you choose your morning influences more carefully?

In the next blog, we will use a practical example to show the value of attitude, and how a good attitude allows us to stand out and influence positive change. You won’t want to miss it!


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  • John Jones says:

    In the search for balance of mind, body, and spirit, the mind seems to be the most uncooperative. Great inspiration here to continue on the search.

  • Cameron Smalley says:

    I’ve read through everyone of your blogs. I like what you are doing! Keep it up, good job.

  • Tolman Meyers says:

    Thanks for giving your readers pause to do an “Attitude Check”. You are in “lock step” with the truths expressed in WARREN WIERSBE’S THOUGHTS ON THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT – you can google it.
    Like his view of God’s Word concerning our responses to life’s experience, your treatise presents us with the challenge to check our attitudes by comparing them with the “mind of Christ”-Romans 12;1-2 & I Cor. 2:6.

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