I have a dream

Of course, you’ve heard those words before. I don’t mean to use them as a cliché, either. I truly do have a dream, and a big one at that! If I told you my dream, you would probably nod incredulously and think I’m crazy. The few people with whom I share my dream usually comment on how big it is. They want to know why. They want details, but I have few. Although, it is not completely defined, it has not changed in thirty-two years. It is…my “Promised Land.” Just wait, it gets crazier.

I still do not know the purpose of my dream

I firmly believe that God placed this desire deep within my soul, as a way of embedding a promise, should I choose to pursue it. In other words, I do not believe that I came up with it. I feel as if it was born within me. Crazy, right? I know.

When I read about the Israelites pursuing their Promised Land, I start to compare their journey to mine. In no way am I saying that the similarities are striking, but I do see parallels. From the beginning, their dream of a Promised Land was God’s idea. They did not decide, one day, that they were going to conquer their own land. They were slaves to the most powerful empire of that time! God’s idea was a promise, and God used a stammering shepherd to fulfill it.

It seems as if the closer I get to my dream, the more challenging the journey becomes. But then, I look at the Israelites, who once freed from captivity, faced a series of challenges. Each challenge served a purpose as they approached their destination. So, I’m trying to remind myself that my challenges are simply confirmation that God has a purpose behind my dream. He is turning up the heat, even if I don’t know the purpose. And that’s OK!

I am, however, learning with a purpose

The lessons that the Israelites learned along their journey were purposeful. Each challenge developed a skill they would need once they arrived at their Promised Land, but the lessons were simple.

The lessons I have learned are also simple. It’s crazy to think, I’m still learning them, repeatedly. The experiences God uses to teach me are complex and vary in intensity. Ironically, the lessons are so simple that they level the playing field for the intelligent and the simple-minded. Lesson number one: Trust God. Lesson number two: Don’t forget lesson number one.

For me, development is a balancing act

Although I hunger for development, one of my biggest challenges is not becoming focused with a specific area and losing perspective of the “larger self.” I’m trying to create a “development in concert” approach to maintain skills while developing others. Without a balance, I tend to atrophy in the areas that are being ignored. I’ll touch on the four major areas where I’m focusing my development.

Mentally, I know I’m not ready for the challenges that I will face in my Promised Land. I trust that throughout my journey, God will develop in me the mental capacity and resilience to thrive when I arrive. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme) I continue to do everything that is in my power to continually educate myself through reading, academics, experiences, mentors, accountability, and more.

Physically, I’m not there, either. I want to be physically prepared to capture the fullness of my dream. Remember, it’s big! If by the time I get to my Promised Land, I am not physically conditioned to conquer it, the journey becomes nothing more than a series of struggles without an end reward.

Spiritually, the journey is incredibly difficult! Although faith is what propels me, each difficulty requires just a little more faith than the last one. Without these difficult times, though, I cannot develop the faith density that I will need in the future. My long-term faith is anchored in that God gave me this dream, and that He continues to prepare me for it. However, there is a continual series of short-term spiritual challenges that provide opportunities for me to develop this faith density.

And, of course, there’s the relationship aspect. I know I am not the husband or father that I need to be. In fact, I have a long way to go. Success is a great thing to aspire, but it can ruin a person. It can ruin a family.

Many people look up the success ladder at the expense of its periphery. Their co-workers, relationships, family, and friends are often neglected or trampled by their pursuit of the big dream. All too often, you hear about the crowning achievement being unfulfilling and hollow. The struggle is real!

When my wife worked in the medical industry, she told me about terminal patients longing for relationship “do-overs.” The regret that gripped them during their final stage of life clearly defined the most important element of life, only it was too late. In the same way, my Promised Land will be desolate without my family. The challenge of prioritizing and balancing is unending.

There it is

Now, you know. This blog is a part of my journey while chasing my dream; and no, it is not a author’s dream. It is simply my vulnerable attempt at honing another skill that can serve me on my way to my Promised Land. I have a distinct feeling that I’m not alone, though.

What about you?

Are you still dreaming? Are you boldly pursuing your dream? Boldly enough to share it? Be an inspiration and share in the comments!


Today, I told you about my dream. Well, not the details of it, but that it will require significant development, which will in turn require balance. Yes, it is that big! In the next blog, I’ll share where I find the courage to pursue this dream. Stay tuned! You will not want to miss this!


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  • Brian Bartholomew says:

    Rich, this is good stuff! Your words are one more que in my life to persue my dream(s). I am also a Marine, Realtor, and aspiring entrepreneur so like the Israelites, our journey may not be strikingly similar but do see parallels. Part of my dream is to launch a global building company that provides affordable QUALITY housing. Fairly simple concept yeah? But what I aspire to do with the rewards of that being a success are what the big dream is really about. Keep writing and I’ll be back sir, ty!

    • Rich Turner says:

      Brian, that’s great to hear! I’m glad sharing it served a purpose. Long time no see, but I still follow you!

  • Paul Hoch says:

    Excellent read my Friend! I too have a dream. I recently wrote a screenplay and hope to get a career going in the movie business. I want to inspire people with my stories? And God willing become successful enough to help people in real life? Keep those blogs coming!

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