??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The real American Dream lies beyond the time clock. We’re moving into a new era, one that exists beyond the dated 9-to-5. The fact remains that for many people, one of the primary motivations for starting their own business lies in the freedom it provides. In 2020, nearly 1 in 5 Americans decided it was time to start their own business.

Obviously, small business owners are extremely hard-working people. However, take a poll of just about any of them and you will likely find few-to-none who would ever go back to working for someone else and being beholden to a time clock. And yet, entrepreneurial freedom is about way more than escaping the cubicle. Let’s dig a little deeper.

It’s About More than the 9-to-5

The true essence of entrepreneurial freedom is not about being your own boss, it’s about being the master of your own destiny and enjoying the fruits of your labors. It’s also about doing what you love. People who start their own businesses usually go into a field from which they derive passion. And when you love what you do, your business is your passion. In that sense, the hours you commit don’t even matter. In this way, entrepreneurial freedom is about way more than tossing the time clock out the window.

The Link Between Passion and Opportunity

Obviously, some endeavors may seem more open to the concept of “passion” than others. Yet, if you love what you do and you work hard at it, the passion for what you do happens by default. In fact, after the desire for more freedom, pursuing a passion was the most oft-cited reason for Americans starting their own businesses in 2020. When you’re able to write your own story and master your destiny, the only thing that can stop or slow you down is yourself. Your passion is, therefore, moderated by your ambition. Speaking of ambition, consider that opportunities often appear out of nowhere to those who work hard and demonstrate a strong ambition.

A Final Note About Risk

Obviously, there is some risk in striking out on your own. And yet, many entrepreneurs embrace risk. Obviously, not every month or year will be amazing and highly profitable, but it’s the ability to roll with the punches — to use risk as a motivating factor — that sets entrepreneurs apart from workers. If you want to achieve entrepreneurial freedom, don’t be afraid to take the risk, otherwise, you might end up with nothing but regret.

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