Cooperate for successful workIn the past few series of blog posts, I have been talking a lot about simple truths. These simple truths form the basis for concepts that speak to my philosophy. Let’s take a look back at the first two simple truths we discussed:

  1. We can change who we are and where we are by simply changing what we allow into our minds.
  2. If we are tough on ourselves, life will be infinitely more rewarding.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the third and dissect its meaning.

3. We can achieve everything in life that we want if we just help enough other people get what they want.

Now, you may be reading this thinking, “Well, that’s just a variation of the Golden Rule.” To a certain extent, yes, there is some relation between the two. But this simple truth goes far beyond the Golden Rule, it encompasses ambition, entrepreneurship, accountability and so much more.

When you help others reach their goals, they will usually return the favor in kind. This is a maxim that holds true in the workplace, as well. Alliances and friendships are forged and reforged as employees try to navigate their careers. And if you are there to help them navigate the maze in the workplace, you’ll likely find yourself on the receiving end of help and support.

It is also important to realize that kindness and the desire to help others should come from a place of altruism. Receiving what you want because you helped others get what they want should not be a transactional process. It should come genuinely from the heart. This should be something that comes naturally out of a desire to help others. A 2013 study conducted by the University of Buffalo even found that unselfish giving actually reduces your chance of premature death.

The fact is that people remember those who helped them. It is not often that individuals make a big impact on other individuals’ lives. People remember when others go out of their way to help them achieve a goal, fix a problem, or simply provide a listening ear when one is needed. And this is a simple truth that is very appropriate for the entrepreneurial world. Entrepreneurs have a long memory and will eventually reward you for the assistance you provide to them. And you should make a practice of doing the same for others. Call it what you will, but very often what goes around does actually come back around.

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