Welcome to my Personal Growth series

For those that have been following me, you know I am a dream-inspired visionary. Big dreams. Clear visions. They are not “hope so” or “just in case” goals. They are real and waiting for me to put them together, piece by piece. I fully intend on achieving them all, and collectively achieving my ultimate dream. What is your dream? What do you envision for your future? I like the way Jim Rohn puts it:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

This blog is a gateway into a Personal Growth series. Throughout this series, we will apply both personal and business development principles to our personal lives. We will cover the human aspects along with the relationship aspects of growth. I say “we” in hopes that you will join me. By the way, I love seeing your comments at the bottom of these blogs, so please keep them coming.

I will warn you, this series is aggressive. Throughout this process you will also discover the 4:30am rule. You will learn the purpose behind that time, and all the things I do before my wife and daughter start their day. I write this from a position of vulnerability, trusting that God has something great in store for both of us, and that these lessons I am learning can somehow help you, too.

I am not an expert, but a student

The lessons I write in these blogs are what I am learning, as I write. I invite you to learn alongside me. You could call this “Near-real-time learning with Rich Turner,” but I think “Rich in Thought” captures it. (A follower-suggested name)

These last few years have been incredibly exciting, but also challenging. It seems there is constant change. The rate at which I am learning is so fast, that if there was a term like “wind burn” for learning (learn-burn?), I would have it. (Yes, the term is “burnout.” Loosen up, we’re just getting started.) I learn from the books that I read, my mentors, my wife (No, I didn’t have to say that, but I hope she’s reading), and even our little girl.

I feel as if accelerated learning has developed an increased speed at which I can process information, and with it, a hunger for more information. It happened when I started reading everything I could about personal and business growth. Every aspect of growth intrigues me. Naturally, the more I read about growth, the more I learn the applications and implications of growth.

3 components of human growth

Human growth is made up of three components: Mental, physical, and spiritual. The mental component is the most powerful as it governs the other two components. The physical component serves a support function for the mental and the spiritual components. The spirit serves as the mysterious and divine component. Much could be said about the spiritual component in a theological sense, and we could get into parsing the spirit from the soul, but we will not. For the purpose of this blog, we simply want to understand that each of these three components will need their own share of growth in order to achieve strategic growth.

What is strategic growth?

In a business sense, strategic growth is a result of a growth strategy. A growth strategy is a plan of action that is focused on potentially short-term, but generally long-term earnings. This plan typically uses one or more of the following catalysts: market penetration, product expansion, diversification, and acquisition. In a personal sense, strategic growth is also a result of a growth strategy, and most of the above methodologies can translate to my own life. Subtle takeaway: strategic growth doesn’t happen accidentally. 

Diversification, in a personal sense, is the motivation behind this blog and media platform—to add value to the world in a way in which only I can. Market penetration represents the extent to which you buy-in to what we are learning and sharing. Product expansion occurs as I look to add features like a vlog, podcast, merchandise…oh yeah, we’re just getting started! Strategic growth will require a concerted effort to maintain quality development while expanding in a disciplined way.

Strategic personal growth, however, will focus on self, and self alone. You remember from the introduction that I seek development in a human sense (mind, body, and spirit) and in a relationship sense. So, as we move forward, I hope this establishes a context for future blog discussions, beginning with the human components of growth.

Let’s review

Today, I came clean on my desire for strategic growth. We discussed the three human components that we need to challenge to unlock true human potential. I am actively growing in all three areas–mind, body, and spirit! In the next blog, we’ll talk more specifically about each of these three components. Hang with me. You won’t want to miss it!


Now that you know a little about me and what I’m learning, please tell me about yourself! Drop a comment below. If you want to grow with me or know someone else who would benefit from this blog series, LIKE it and SHARE it with your co-workers, family, and friends. Post it on your Facebook or LinkedIn. Help someone grow, today!


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