Our featured entrepreneur is Andrea Benz. As a committed music teacher, song writer, and musician, working far from home, she is no stranger to hard work and resilience. Quick with a smile and eager for more, Andrea’s charismatic nature is bound to take places!

Andrea grew up in a small village in Switzerland, not far from Zurich. She started playing guitar at the age of 8, but it was not until her teen age years that she really took to the instrument and started playing for hours daily. She grew up listening to country music and has always been fascinated by the traditional and authentic country sound. After attending college in the States and finishing her BA degree in Switzerland in multilingual communication, she started working in marketing / event management in an international finance and consulting firm.

She´s always spent most of her free time playing music and doing shows on the weekends. Soon she decided to pursue her dream and gave it a shot doing music professionally. She got accepted into Music College and graduated with a BA of Arts in jazz & popular music, majoring in electric guitar.

Check out her guitar skills!

She won several awards, such as the Swiss Country Music Award in 2016. In 2018, she won the Rising Star Award at an international Country Music Award in Texas with the Austrian country band The Groovecake Factory. She has spent quite some time in America, played several gigs in Nashville, and shared the stage with various US country stars such as Paul Overstreet, Dale Watson, Buddy Jewell and Michael Peterson.

She currently plays with several bands, mostly around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She´s also part of the musicians network of the E.U. Band where she got to play guitar for Nashville legend Charlie McCoy and Farewell Angelina among others. Her playing style is a unique blend of 90ies country chicken pickin style and the earlier jazzy western swing style. Besides playing, she teaches guitar and music theory.

The young Swiss country artist has recently moved to Nashville to the heart of her music and has a new single being released March 2, 2020. The track is called “One Last Time” and will be the single of the upcoming “Best Of” album.

You can find out more about her at her website or follow her at her Facebook page.

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